Motley Crue

I’m so happy the first post i make in this blog is about the awesome MOTLEY CRUE! I’ve been a fan since i was 12 years old…. many, many moons ago. I remember getting the “Uncensored” VHS at age 12, it was certified 18. I would skip school to watch it! Could explain a lot about me…..

The Crue got their very own Star on the Hollywood walk of fame!

USA Today:
Motley Crue gets Hollywood Walk of Fame star

LOS ANGELES (AP) — It was girls, girls, girls Wednesday when the bad boys of ’80s heavy metal band Motley Crue received the 2,301st star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“We’re across the street from the Erotica Museum and Frederick’s of Hollywood. This is a perfect place for us to be,” bassist Nikki Sixx told an estimated 600 screaming fans.

Sixx joined drummer Tommy Lee, guitarist Mick Mars and singer Vince Neil at the ceremony in front of the Musician’s Institute on Hollywood Boulevard.

Lee pretended to cry. “I think there’s something in my eye,” he said.

Motley Crue formed in Los Angeles in 1981, enduring a breakup, death and drugs to become one of the world’s top touring groups with 40 million albums sold.

Gotta love em!
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